Douglas August 19, 2021

Been taking continuing education classes with Frank since I have had my Kentucky license and have never been disappointed with the material that was taught. was educational and well presented. Last class he had a guest speaker DJ who along with Frank provided a good presentation. Always enjoy the classes which is why I continue to use Frank for all of my continuing education classes.

Richard August 12, 2021

I appreciate Frank’s opinion and knowledge of how a business management should handle itself towards personal matters and much more. Great job Frank.
Rick Sheets

Nathan July 15, 2021

Great info just what I need for my small business.

Kenneth July 14, 2021

This was a very good class like aways. Can’t wait til next year.

Saeed July 14, 2021

Very good

Scott July 8, 2021

I always enjoy Frank’s training. He keeps it new, up-to-date and keeps it interesting.

Terry June 11, 2021

A great intuitive class. Frank always keeps my interest with a great mix of life lessons and business experiences. No Nonsense, is the perfect tittle for this class.

Mark June 10, 2021

I am always able to take a positive idea away from Frank’s class

James May 15, 2021

Frank does a wonder job!! Definitely one of the best, knowledgeable, speakers that I’ve been to. Would love to send some of my employees to listen to his seminars!

Joe May 15, 2021

Frank always gives very helpful information

Gene April 26, 2021

Thank you for your time and efforts. Always a pleasure. Always learning something new/seeing things in a different light.
Respectfully, Gene O’Loughlin

LOU April 26, 2021

Frank always seems to do a fantastic job. He continues to keep business things in perspective with his training seminars.

Henry April 25, 2021

I have been to many motivational events throughout the years.Frank’s class not only provides technical data for our business and motivation to do better when you leave.Thank you for all.

Lou April 8, 2021

I have been going to Frank’s classes for numerous years. He is always very interesting, informative and well organized. His strategies have improved both my professional and personal life. I highly recommend his classes for anyone who is seeking a common sense approach to improvement.

Bernard April 8, 2021

As usual the seminar was very informative and entertaining. Frank has a style that not only conveys the information but does it in a way that keeps you engaged, Even on Zoom

Robert April 8, 2021

Frank offers a class that is interesting and engaging. Thank you !

Ray April 8, 2021

very informative. learned a few things to apply in my business.

John April 8, 2021

Really enjoyed the session today Frank!

Kevin April 8, 2021

Frank is always the best, thanks for another good class, see you next year

Chet April 8, 2021

I always get new things out of Frank’s class. This is by far the only class I’ve ever taken that keeps my attention the whole time.

Gregory April 8, 2021

Good class on Zoom today. I always take a few good things away from Frank’s Class.

Robert April 8, 2021

Awesome seminar, I have been attending this workshop for past 20 years and I recommend it to all my peers.

John April 8, 2021

The class was very good. I learned some new tools to use.

James April 8, 2021

Never disappoints with his class content!!

Joe March 23, 2021

Would you have expected anything less LOL. Great presentation and my new supervisor got a fair amount of good information.

Terrance March 21, 2021

Your classes are never boring.That speaks volume for an 8 hour class. A great mix of learning and entertainment. Thank You

Brian March 20, 2021

Fantastic program as always. I never fail to learn something new that has value in my buisness life as well as personally. Great job Frank!

Timothy March 19, 2021

Great presentation and commentary as usual!

Randall June 18, 2020

Absolute pleasure. Great information

John May 5, 2020

Hi I am very satisfied with the class today. I would do it again especially with same conditions. I still like face to face interactions. Thanks for letting us get our needed hours for our license. Thank you

Stacy May 1, 2020

Good presentation Frank, always spot on.

Thomas April 15, 2020

It was a very good experience for my first time in a live web event. the audio and video was flawless and the connection was very good. I picked up some good information that I will definitely use in the future.

Daniel January 24, 2020

10 Stars, have been attending Frank’s continuing ed classes for at least 15 years I guess, has always had great attendance, thru the years and has many variations of topics that are taught and discussed pertaining to the mechanical trades in the HVAC, plumbing industry, will continue using Frank and the training source until I retire or he does, Thanks Frank , for all the years of training and great ideas, see ya next time,,,DVMS..Dan Volz Mechanical Service

Michael July 15, 2021

Very informative, pulls no punches. A must take class!

Michael June 10, 2021
Robb June 19, 2020

Frank is an AWESOME Speaker! I look forward to his insight yearly!

sam June 18, 2020

As always frank puts on an excellent show with great wisdom and knowledge

Marci May 1, 2020

ALWAYS learn something new each time I hear you speak. Great job today. Thanks

Matt April 14, 2020

I enjoyed the live web event today. 2020 technology utilized. As always, Frank had good examples (facebook, etc.). I will attend future web event.

Dennis March 31, 2020

I think this is Frank’s first time doing a webinar. He did a great job and I hope he continues with the webinar. I live in Florida, but my business is in Ohio. I did learn some great things regarding Facebook, etc.